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2115 Bloor Street West Condo Application Submitted

On February 27, 2015 Main and Main submitted an application for an 8 storey condo at 2115 Bloor Street West. We are in contact with the developers for their application, which we expect to post shortly.

Proposed amendments to the City’s zoning bylaws to permit the development of an 8-storey, 5 643 m2 mixed use building. Non-residential uses including office and retail are proposed to occupy the ground floor and second floor totaling 1747 m2 of gross floor area. Residential uses are proposed on floors 3 through 8 totaling 3 896 m2 (43 residential units)


2265 Bloor Condo Update

Councillor Doucette recently published this update about 2265 Bloor:

Some of you may be wondering about the status of the application at 2265 Bloor St (at Durie). At this point, mediation is still ongoing, and for now must be kept confidential. More information will be shared as soon as possible.

2114 Bloor Condo Appeals to OMB

The developers of 2114 Bloor recently appealed their application to the Ontario Municipal Board. This update was published on March 6th by Councillor Doucette about the development and the unique approach we plan to take to help reach an agreement:

As you likely recall, an application for a 10-storey residential building at 2114-2130 Bloor Street West was filed with the City in April 2012. This is an update on that application and planned next steps.

A community open house and pre-application consultation meetings were coordinated prior to the application, and a further, post-application communication consultation meeting was held in June, 2012.

Neighbours of the proposed building were loud and clear that the planned height and massing of the building were not appropriate for the site. The applicant agreed to participate in continuing discussions, and a Working Group was formed that included local residents and two representatives from the Bloor West Village Residents Association (BWVRA). Three meetings were held in 2012-2013. At this point work on the application paused, as the applicant focussed on 1990 Bloor Street West and other properties under their ownership.

In recent months, the applicant has been interested in furthering work on this project and has just appealed 2114 Bloor to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). Rather than repeat a potentially confrontational and expensive path through a contested hearing, I have coordinated a new unique approach with the BWVRA to try and resolve remaining built form issues by restarting the Working Group process.

This approach brings the City, the applicants, and community representatives from the immediate neighbourhood and the BWVRA together with the goal of reaching a proposed settlement prior to the OMB pre-hearing. My office will coordinate the meetings, reaching out to the same residents who participated previously, and a professional facilitator will assist the process. As the meetings will deal with “without prejudice” material that will influence official OMB proceedings, the content and outcome of the meetings will need to be confidential until their outcome is confirmed.

Previous Working Group participants expressed concern about effects on the park and traffic from the new building. These issues will be dealt with separately through my office and City Staff; we are already planning on some local park improvements and will look at holding a meeting with local residents on this and traffic issues.

I would like to thank the Working Group and the applicants for their work thus far and their willingness to work collaboratively. This approach will help ensure the best building for the neighbourhood and a smoother and more cost effective process for local village residents.